SEP Partnerships Saved over 50 Billion BTUs in 2019

$15.7 million                         
In annual energy savings

Buildings designed to Minnesota’s Sustainable Buildings 2030 (SB2030) program's standards

50 billion
BTUs saved annually


In Minnesota, the State Energy Office is one of four core organizations of the Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERT)s partnership. CERTs staff held 32 events in 2019 which hosted over 2,700 attendees. They participated in an additional 315 events through presentations and other outreach activities for over 7,500 community members. An estimated 48.4 Billion BTUs were saved or offset through those efforts. They also launched an RFP, awarding funds for 35 local clean energy projects.

Minnesota’s Sustainable Buildings 2030 (SB2030) program, which also receives core oversight from the Department of Commerce (State Energy Office) and Department of Administration, provides high efficiency design standards. In 2019, SB2030 efforts resulted in 185 buildings designed to the program’s standards which is predicted to save an additional 1.023 Billion BTUs per year. This equates to roughly $15.7 million in annual savings, assuming an average cost of $15.35 per MMBtu. To date, 88% of all building projects enrolled in the SB2030 program have documented designs that met or exceed the Energy Standard with an estimated reduction of 372,000 tons of CO2e and saving Minnesotans over $44 million to date.

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